Make it happen with Microsoft Azure

If there is one thing that the previous year has taught us, it is that end-to-end digital transformation will lead the way in the times to come with cloud being its spearhead.
Organizations realize progressively the benefits of migrating on-premise infrastructure to Azure, which through its fully-integrated, agile and secure cloud platform, supports different kinds of frameworks, devices, operating systems or languages to address the needs of the organizations.
Uni Systems maintains a Gold partnership with Microsoft and has an extensive experience in implementing Azure migration projects based on a concrete methodology and an added-value roadmap that will eventually transform the ΙΤ infrastructure into a center of innovation. 

How we make it happen

Our Migration Framework is based on three basic pillars: Assessment, Migration, and Management
  • The Assessment part, covers the parts of discovering the existing environment and roadmapping the migration path. 
  • The Migration process includes the creation of the Azure environment as well as the transition steps. 
  • The Management process entails the stabilization and optimization procedure for a seamless continuation of operations. 


Why Microsoft Azure

With elasticity and scalability being at the top of the platform's benefits, Uni Systems chooses Microsoft Azure due to four main elements provided: 
  • Offering of the necessary infrastructure that can host existing infrastructure while at the same time being ready to welcome future ones, based on new technologies. Therefore, it can host any type of application and welcome the development of innovative systems, applications and data.
  • Enabling the creation of systems and applications without limitations. Thus, organizations have the freedom and flexibility to use own applications and code in a technologically open environment.
  • Empowerment of hybrid environments. With the rise of the digital world, some data and applications can be found in public cloud infrastructures and others scattered in private ones. Azure is most probably the only Cloud platform that allows hybrid implementations in a unified way. 
  • Security and reliability. The security of both data and applications is guaranteed when hosted on Azure, along with the necessary resources required for compliance within increasingly complex regulatory frameworks as set by the regulators. 

Uni Systems' advantage lies in our dynamics, in the breadth and the depth of our IT ecosystem that allows us to support efficiently our clients that include renowned organizations across Europe.

Indicative case studies: 

  1. Cardlink Data Center Migration on Azure: here
  2. Yellow Pages Golden Data Center Migration: here