How Cloudy is Your IT Forecast?

This Exclusive invitation-only event provided the CxO level attendees with the opportunity to participate in a knowledge transfer initiative by Uni Systems in partnership with EMC and IDC. The event was dedicated to help business IT leaders to explore data center transformation into a Hybrid cloud-based environment, that meets tomorrow’s business needs.

"The current level of market maturity, new storage solutions and cloud challenges, enable organizations to implement new, secure architectures, based on automation, standardization and software defined, thus allowing public Cloud flexibility without adopting disadvantages such as doubtful SLAs, security risks and high long-term cost." , stated Antony Cassano, Uni Systems Infrastructure Technology Solutions Department Manager.

Information technology (IT) has gone a long way since the age of mainframes when its primary role was data processing to transform into a powerful agent for innovation. Current IT has some powerful instruments that IDC refers to as innovation accelerators such as cloud, big data, mobility and social media. Both business and IT is affected by digital transformation, which is disrupting both business and IT operations.

Proceedings and more information on the conference are available in this link.